Why You Should use Insurance to Worth Your Life

By: Chuks Udo Okonta

Have you ever considered the financial worth of your life? It is easy to worth our assets, but we often fail to worth our lives. To worth your life financially, place and pay a premium on it with search insurance.

Only few people actually evaluate and place financial worth on life and they do this by paying premium to insure their lives.

Life search insurance remains one of the ways to financially worth our lives. Therefore, if you are not paying a premium on your life, you have rendered it financially worthless.

As you value your assets, value your life which is the biggest asset. While it is good to claim from damages on material assets, it is far better to claim on your life and also bequeath claims (wealth) on your beloved ones.

If you feel your life worths N1 million, insure it for N1 million and pay the premium. But if it worths more than that take a life policy on what you think your life worths.

A friend once told me of a man whose beneficiaries got over N80 million on his life search insurance, you too can bequeath such a fabulous entitlement to your beloved.

How to evaluate your life with search insurance

* Daily measurements

To properly worth your life, evaluate it financially on a daily bases, and set a premium to be paid on it.

* Premium payment

Having financially worth your life and determined the premium to be paid in insuring it, ensure the premium is paid promptly and consistently.

* Choose reliable insurer

As your life matters to you, it should not be insured with any how insurer. You should be keen in choosing a reliable and reputable insurance firm to insure your life.

* Inform your family of the policy

Informing your family of the life policy, would help you remain more committed to it and aid your beneficiaries in making claims.

Don’t make your life worthless, while investing in other things. Invest in your life through search insurance.

While you feed to remain healthy and alive, also pay a premium on your life through buying a life search insurance policy today.