Insurance policies you can give as gift to loved ones

By: Chuks Udo Okonta

Many people don’t know that insurance policies can be given as a gift to special people, especially at a time of celebration.

Another interesting thing about insurance is that the amount (premium) paid for protection against risks or unforeseen circumstances is small.

Policies you can gift

* Hospitalisation cover:

With just N125 per month, you can gift loved ones (family and friends) up to N6,500 per day for treatment in a hospital.

* Life insurance Policy

With N125 per month you can gift loved ones up to N300,000 in life cover against death, injury and permanent disability. N15,000 per year provides N1 million death benefit.

* Health Insurance

With N15,000 you can provide medical care/ treatment for loved ones all round the year.

* Motor third party policy

You can gift friends and family members N15,000 cover for N3 million third party liabilities.

With N3,000 per year, you can secure loved ones with up to N500,000 benefits against accident and permanent disability.

* Travel Insurance

You can support Loved ones by gifting them travel Insurance cover to secure them against risks on their trip.

Loss of job insurance

* You can gift loved ones with loss of job insurance to mitigate risk associated with losing a job.

* Professional indemnity insurance

You can gift loved ones a cover against claims for loss or damage made as a result of negligent services provided or negligent advice offered.

These insurance policies can be gifted to individuals as birthday; marriage, graduation; promotion; retirement gifts.