Driving in the rain is never a fun thing but we are forced into driving by our daily obligations to move from one point to another.

For most people, driving in the rain can be a scary and nerve-racking experience.

To manage the anxiety and stress, we have to give our undivided attention and reduce any possible distractions by turning the radio volume down or turning off our phone to keep our attention fully on the road.

Here are some driving tips for a safe drive on a rainy day;

1. Keep your car clean and maintained

a. Keep your windows clean and clear

b. Maintain your headlights

c. Maintain your tires

2. Drive with care when it’s raining

a. Turn on your windshield wipers

b. Slow down as the road is wet and slippery

c. Stay focused as visibility is dropping

d. Turn your headlights on whether it’s day or night

e. Drive with both hands on the wheel

f. Maintain a 3-4 second gap between your car and the car in front of you.

g. Avoid slamming on the brakes, better still just ease of the accelerator instead.

h. Take turns or enter corner slowly

i. Do not use cruise control as that can lead to Hydroplaning

j. Park off the road if necessary

Keep in mind that sometimes the best driving decision you can make is to stay off the road completely until the weather clears.